Laura Powers
Laura Powers
Some attributes
First Full name: Laura Powers
Second Origin: The Simpsons Season 4
Third Personality: Mischievous, good, pure of heart, friendly, sympathetic
Other attributes
Fourth Alignment: Good
Fifth Voice: Sara Gilbert
Sixth Status: Alive
Laura Powers is a minor character from TV series "The Simpsons". Laura is the Ruth Powers's daughter, Jimbo's Ex-girlfriend and one of Bart Simpson's friends

Laura and her mother Ruth moved into the house next door when The Winfields moved out. Marge and Ruth became fast friends; so did Laura and Bart. After Laura made Bart faint, Bart developed a crush on her, but later had his heart broken when he found out that she and Jimbo were in a relationship. After Bart prank called Moe's Tavern, Laura decided that Jimbo was no good for her and said that she would date Bart if he were a little older: "If you had a bad teenage mustache, I'd go out with you in a second." She then kissed Bart. Since the events of "New Kid on the Block", Bart and Laura have not been in contact again.

Laura appears to be no longer living with her mother, but she's still in Springfield. Near the end of the Trappuccino incident, she throws rocks at Homer when he returns to Springfield.

After Springfield experienced a financial crisis, Laura and her mother appeared to have moved to Detroit. Their old house is then temporarily occupied by Sideshow Bob in disguise. They have never been seen or mentioned after "The Bob Next Door".